User Guide

Please read the user guide in full before using your RoboPad™

Firmware Download

Download the latest production firmware (2.2) for your RoboPad™

Firmware update instructions

Release notes

Build: 2.2
Release Date 24/02/2022
MD5 Hash: fac61b5590b95340039726e4b57e4e6d

Beta Firmwre

Download the public beta firmware (2.4-b3) for your RoboPad™

Firmware update instructions

Beta release notes

Build: 2.4-b3
Release Date 21/04/2023
MD5 Hash: dc6de284e1d74dbc4a1abbf484be077e

The beta firmware is not as rigorously tested as the production release firmware and may cause the RoboPad™ to act in an unexpected (and potentially unsafe) way, or may damage stored nodegraph and configuration files. You should always exercise caution when using a RoboPad device, however, extra caution should be used when using one running beta firmware.

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