The RoboPad™ control board offers an affordable entrance to the world of combat robotics, allowing you to simply connect motors directly to the control board and remote control your robot from your phone, without the need of an expensive radio transmitter controller or the wiring-in of receiver electronics.

Here are a few reasons why our
customers choose RoboPad™


Entry into Robotics

It's the cheapest way of getting into combat robotics, as not only does it combine a motor driver and wifi receiver, it eliminates the need for a stand-alone transmitter, instead allowing for almost any smartphone to be used as a controller

Fully configurable

RoboPad's node graph editor allows for configuration further than just adjusting the trim of the drive sticks - you can completely redesign the controller layout and the flow of data from the controller to the robot

A Robot Platform

Not only can the controller be configured, but it's range of input and output options can be set, making it easy to not only build a robot that responds to controller input, but also streams data back to the driver, which in turn can be used to change drive profiles, perform autonomous actions or just log the robot's performance

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